Procedure transport passport



Send pictures ONLY of pages 5,6 and 8 of the PASSPORT (IMPORTANT! For each photographed page the passport series number must be clearly visible)



  • Mention if the cat/dog is neutered or not;
  • Mention how many kilos the dog weighs;
  • At the moment of leaving, the anti-rabies vaccines MUST be at least 21 days old and the dog has to be minimum 4 months old;
  • The anti-rabies vaccination must be written with a pen, signed, with round stamp and with protection foil;
  • The date of microchip implant must be before the date of the anti-rabies vaccination (the info must be present on the passport). The whole page MUST be covered with protection foil !
  • The dog MUST be registered in RECS (only for dogs);
  • The information for the TRACES: name, address and phone number of the adopter (in case of an animal Assiocation as adopter, please provide contact info for it).


On the passport, please have:

    • Deworming and defleaing (48 hours before the transport) – pages 14 and 18
    • Clincal exam – approved for transportation (48 hours before the transport) – page 26
    • Legal authentication of the Passport – page 27