Mission & Values


A world without abandoned animals.



We are working hard and with great love in order to assure a beautiful life for each and every abandoned animal. Our professionalism and devotion are also oriented towards raising awareness among people about how many problems are issued from the fact that animals are abandoned.


Having this in mind, we will always look for the best new solutions for every situation, in collaboration with all animal lovers.


Our team will dedicate its entire time and energy to find a HOME for all animals. Also, our team will constantly make efforts oriented towards education and prevention; we will also try to include an increasing number of people to fight for animal rights.





PROMPTITUDE – we immediately respond to any request


SERIOUNESS – we keep and respect our word


EMPATHY – our love for animals represents the main principle that leads us


CAREFULNESS – always up to date with all the needs of a certain moment


SUCCESS – our success is directly proportional with our partners’ success


CONSISTENCY – What we promise is what we do. At the same time, we are interested in growing the quality of our services through continuous learning


PROFESSIONALISM – we are working with devotement and professionalism in order to assure wonderful experiences to each partner


RESPONSIBILITY – any new challenge is treated with a maximum of interest and devotement


EQUILIBRIUM – together or separated, we want to establish an equilibrium between devotion through volunteering and the financial aspect, between working hours and family time


PROSPERITY – to continuously grow both spiritually and financially