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When was Cat and Dog Transport founded?

Cat and Dog Transport was founded in February 2016. It is an authorised transport within Europe and it meets all the legal requirements that can be checked in at the Authorization section of our website. We are flexibile, so we establish all details together with the adopters.

Why was Cat and Dog Transport founded?

Because we realised how important it is to transport our Best Friends safely in the best conditions and to offer them the opportunity to have a family. We don’t care about distance anymore, we only care about how to change the lives of our little friends.

When do we transport?

We do transport twice a month. However, because we are flexible, we can adapt the transport periods also according to the requests of the adopters. We always announce adopters about the period we make transports on our website and Facebook page: http://facebook.com/catdogtransport


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What do we offer?

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Cats and dogs transport in Europe and Romania. We offer adopters from certain countries in Europe the possibility to adopt cats&dogs without being concerned about the distance. We are always thinking about the well being of the little animals when we plan routes. Thanks to the air conditioning, cats&dogs do not suffer during summer. One of our colleagues gives them food, water and changes the towels from their cages to keep them clean during transport.

Other services

our services
Food donations transport. Because there are many shelters in Romania where there is always need for food, we are always happy to transport food donations in order to help stray animals have a better life.